11 October 2023

The leap to sustainable growth

An adventure full of paradoxes and opportunities.

I was recently inspired by an episode of the Big Five podcast featuring Feike Sijbesma, in which a thought-provoking question was posed: ‘Can growth and sustainability become partners for a better world?’ Sijbesma plunges us into the depth of this paradox: Growth often appears synonymous with increased consumption and pollution, while sustainability calls for less of both.

However, the future is here, and sustainable growth is no longer a utopia. Innovation is our key driver, with new insights and technologies helping us manage our resources wisely. Efficiency improvements assist us in working smarter. Sustainable resources become our future source of power, reducing our reliance on polluting fuels.

This journey requires the engagement of everyone. Businesses can become pioneers in this sustainable journey with sustainable materials, energy-efficient technologies, and green production methods. Consumers steer the course with conscious choices in their purchases. The government can pave the way with appropriate regulations, incentivizing subsidies, and investments in research and development.

It’s not only possible; it’s necessary

Feike Sijbesma’s Big Five Podcast serves as a source of inspiration for this journey towards sustainable growth. It is a complex issue with both challenges and opportunities. But it is also the moment to take action for a sustainable future, not just because we can but, most importantly, because we must. Fortunately, there are already various companies like Ikea and Patagonia taking the lead in this journey. Companies that inspire us, as we experience daily, possess a sustainable and appealing unique selling proposition in the job market.